Noran Fikri


Art Direction by Noran Fikri Animation by Safwat Shawky

Illustration and Traditional Animation by Noran Fikri


We were commissioned by Bahgaga band to work on an animated music video for their song 'W3test 3test' which talks about the struggles faced during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We had to come up with a concept and finish a whole animation in just 10 days for the song release. 

The story is set in outer space to reflect the feelings of isolation, a sense of being lost and the alienation of the character as a result of the COVID situation, a surreal, dream-like journey. The character is repeatedly encountered with an alien version of her, but is in denial and tries to escape.

The duality and conflict themes appear in how the alien version represents her future self who should accept our current reality and adapt without dwelling on the past. Always lurking in her presence looking at the girl. At the end, the character confronts her alien persona to tell her that she’s ready to accept, be hopeful and anticipate the future with her.